Manufacturers of Malama Torches™ -
"Lighting the Hawaiian Night with Aloha" since 1967

Since 1967 Malama Torches™ have been lighting the Hawaiian night with Aloha.
Originally created by Native Hawaiian artist Donald Namohala Yuen,
the torches continue to be handcrafted on Hawai`i Island by his daughter,
Leilehua Yuen, and her husband Manu Josiah,
now doing business as LeiManu Designs.

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What We Do

LeiManu Designs manufactures sculptural and decorative fixtures for gas, electrical, and alternative lighting.

Whether you need to light an extreme environment, mitigate impacts to wildlife, retrofit existing lighting, or create something entirely new, talk with us about your lighting needs, and we can help to find the best solution for you.

We have a selection of stock designs, unique art lighting, and products made from the invasive species which are endangering our island ecology.

Our artistic light fixtures are hand crafted here on Hawai`i Island by Leilehua Yuen and Manu Josiah. electrical components and gas fittings are made in Hawai`i by Beachside Lighting and Design.

Malama Torches™ - Created in 1967 by Leilehua's father, the Malama Torch(tm) remains the flagship line of LeiManu Designs, still lighting the Hawaiian night with Aloha
Malama Electrical Lighting - Continuing the esthetic of the Malama Torch™, Malama electrical lights bring the beauty of the classic outdoor torch indoors
Art Lighting - Unique one-of-a-kind works of art using recycled and repurposed materials make a high impact statement with a low impact footprint
Malama `Āina - Manu Josiah is continuously developing new ways to turn problematic invasive species into resources to reduce environmental impacts and increase sustainability

LeiManu Designs May 2015 Show at the Hawai`i Museum of Contemporary Art in Hilo, Hawai`i

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