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   An avid motorcycle rider and proud owner of “Kahekili”, his 2002 Harley Davidson Ultra Glide Classic, part-time musician/singer, Manu Josiah is half of LeiManu Designs. 

   Born to Richard and Eliza Josiah, his family roots go back to Kokoiki, Kohala on the Island of Hawaii.  Being the son of a military father Manu had the opportunity to live abroad, most notably, Stuttgart, West Germany where he was born. 

   Raised in Honolulu and Kohala during his early childhood, he later grew up in Washington State where he graduated from High School.  He joined the Army in 1974, highlighted by a two year assignment to Alaska; he then joined the Navy in 1981. 

   While in the Navy Manu traveled to many foreign countries including Iceland, Norway, Germany, Guam, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Jakarta, New Guinea and Vietnam.  Following a distinguished 21 year military career, Manu worked as a Budget Counselor for the Navy at Pearl Harbor for 7 years then as a Certified Financial Counselor and Program Manager for Special Needs Programs for the Marine Corps at Kaneohe, Oahu.  He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Education from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

   When Manu and Leilehua married in 2006, he was already deeply involved with assisting with the fabrication and manufacturing of the Malama Torches(TM), under the tutelage of Leilehua and the founder of Malama torches(TM), Don Yuen, he gained a greater appreciation of this art form. 

   As a part of the LeiManu “Team” Manu is the administrator of the business while also contributing to the artistic development of the Malama Torch(TM) product line.