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Pua Malama Torch (TM)
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Pua Malama Torches (TM)

“Pua” was the original Malama Torch (TM) created by Don Yuen in 1967. It first appeared at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, and continues to light their landscaping with aloha.

An elegant design with staying power, it remains a top seller. It goes well with tropical, retro, pop, and other themes.

In addition to the original Pua lūʻau torch, we offer a number of variations.

Like our other Malama Torches (TM), the Pua can be made as a standard gas torch, as an electric torch, a pendant light, a table-top lamp, or as a floor-standing torchiere. The basic Pua design also has been incorporated into chandeliers.

Cheesecake Factory Malama Torches (TM)
Manu Josiah, of LeiManu Designs, with the Cheesecake Factory Malama Torches (TM).

The design can also be modified to accommodate various sizes. The Cheesecake Factory in Waikīkī requested a shorter torch, with the flowers extending above the rim. We are very happy to work with clients to create unique custom lighting to suit individual needs.

The Pua is also available in copper for electrical applicatons such as pendant lights, table-top lamps, torchieres, and wall sconces.

Elaborate three-dimensional designs can be created in copper.

Malama Torch(TM) Bird of Paradise
The graceful Bird of Paradise is the inspiration for this Malama Torch(TM).

The Bird-of-Paradise Malama Torch (TM) has a more linear look, yet retains the graceful organic flow of the floral esthetic.

A sophisticated design, it hearkens of Deloris Del Rio, steamy nights in tropical rain forests, and the romance of adventure.

We recommend the Bird-of-Paradise Malama Torch (TM) for standing fixtures, such as the gas torches, table toppers, and torchieres. For pendants and chandeliers, we recommend the similar heliconia design.

This three-dimensional version of the Niu Malama Uila (TM) wall sconce is acid-treated to bring out the verdigris.

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