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Interior Lighting

LeiManu Designs provides interior lighting as well as lūʻau torches. From pendants to chandeliers, from wall sconces to torchiere lamps, we can create lighting to enhance your home’s interior as well as exterior.

Puakō Church
Chandelier and candle holders by Don Yuen in the church at Puakō. The massive chandelier was created in the 1960s by Don Yuen for Ascension Mission Church at Puakō. The chandelier represents the Holy Crown of Thorns, and the panels between the points have three-dimensional representations of the stations of the cross. The church is built in the round. The chandelier maintains the octagonal shape of the church. It is made from steel, copper, and local woods. We are still happy to take on challenging jobs, and blessed that Don still advises us on how to do so!
Ascension Mission Church, Puakō, Hawaiʻi
Ascension Mission Church, Puakō, Hawaiʻi.
Sailing Canoe Chandelier
A sailing canoe theme enhances this four foot diameter copper chandelier which graces the pavillion near the boat landing of a Virgin Islands private estate. This waʻa (canoe) theme chandelier hangs in a private residence in the Virgin Islands. It was commissioned to be able to withstand the tropical storms which hit the area. The shadows cast by the chandelier were important to the homeowners. The down shadow cast by this chandelier is evocative of the play of light over ripples on a sandy ocean floor. They also commissioned a set of waʻa design sconces for the hallway wall.
Bamboo theme chandelier
Bamboo theme chandelier in a private residence in the Virgin Islands. The same homeowner also commissioned a chandelier with a bamboo theme. The down shadow cast by this chandelier looks like the shadow of bamboo cast on a reflecting pool. Each chandelier hangs in a rotunda which is open on all sides and can receive sea spray and heavy winds. The chandeliers are made of brass and copper, and have developed a lovely verdigris patina. They were created and installed about 2009.
Bamboo Design Copper Chandelier
Copper and brass chandelier which has developed the classic patina, enhancing the design. We are proud that our lighting integrates with its environment, can have a delicate look, and yet is strong enough to take on challenging environments.
Faces of the Moon
“Faces of the Moon” – Copper, bamboo, and wood chandelier by Leilehua Yuen is made from recycled copper rain gutter, salvaged mahogany, and invasive bamboo.