Kāhiko – Maunakea

Maunakea earrings are handcrafted from copper and brass. The colors are a result of bringing the metals to almost 2,000 degrees fahrenheit (1,000C).

Almost every morning when she was a child, Leilehua could see Maunakea from her bedroom window.  Just before dawn, the mountain was a dark shadow against the deep blue star-spangled sky. As the sun rose, Maunakea turned glowing terracotta red with pink and golden clouds, and then as the light changed, the day colors began to suffuse the slopes, like watercolors being washed across a painting.

Both of Leilehua’s parents are artists, and they trained her in their respective media. She learned metalwork from her father, Don Yuen, and chose that medium to express her love of the mountain in these earrings.

Today, Leilehua and her husband Manu are privilaged to give educational programs on the mountain, and about the environment that the mountain supports.

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These earrings are available at the Keaukaha General Store, across from Hilo Harbor.