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Malama Uila Pendant Lights
Malama Uila™ torches are now available as electrical pendant lights.

Electric light fixtures handcrafted in Hawaiʻi

Since 1967, Malama Torches™ have been the ultimate expression of the Hawaiian tiki torch. Hand-crafted in stainless steel to withstand the salt air of Hawaiʻi nei, these lu`au torches bring the romance of the islands to your home or business.  Each Malama Torch™ is an individual work of art created by Manu and Leilehua. Now available in tabletop and pendant versions!


Click on the images to learn more about the subjects depicted on each Malama Torch™.

Malama Torch(TM) - PUA
The original Malama Torch™ design.

Pua Malama Uila™

The first of the Malama Torch™ designs created by Don Yuen, Pua remains especially beloved by those who remember the early days of gracious hotels on Hawai`i Island.

The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel was the very first property to showcase the Malama Torch™. This premier resort continues to use the iconic PUA design to this day.

Pua is the Hawaiian word for “flower” and poetically refers to a child. Don Yuen’s artistic legacy continues on in the work of his pua, his daughter Leilehua Yuen.


Malama Torch (TM) - OHE
A Don Yuen design inspired by the graceful bamboo of Hawaiʻi.

ʻOhe Malama Torch™

Another Don Yuen design, the ʻOhe is inspired by the bamboo of these tropical islands.

ʻOhe was used to make lamakū, tall torches with bamboo handles which held burning kukui nuts or oil-soaked kapa wicks.

The ʻohe also was used to make the ʻohe hano ihu, traditional bamboo nose flute of Hawaiʻi which is used in courting. What an ideal torch to sit beneath while playing the flute for one’s sweetheart!

Malama Torch(TM) Bird of Paradise
The graceful Bird of Paradise is the inspiration for this Malama Torch™.

Bird of Paradise Malama Torch™

The graceful bird of paradise flower inspired Don Yuen to create this Malama Torch™.

Just like the flower, this torch is all about romance and drama. When it is lit, one practically expects Delores del Rio to dance in its light!

Of course, torchlight is so beautiful, that it shows anyone to be as romantic as a movie star, so find a pareu, make a lei, and dance the night away!

Malama Torch (TM) AKA
The aka torch is named for the dramatic shadows it throws.

Aka Malama Torch™

Also designed by Don Yuen, the chalice shaped Aka (“shadow” in Hawaiian) throws dramatic shadows on the surrounding ground.

The torch provides a shimmering vessel to hold the flame, evoking a sense of mystery and romance.

Although it can certainly hold a flame the same size as the other Malama Torches™, at two-thirds their height, the Aka is especially suited to areas where a low, quiet flame is wanted to create an atmosphere is contemplation.

Malama Torch (TM) - Lauaʻe
The lauaʻe, maile-scented fern, is featured on this Malama Torch™.

Lauaʻe Malama Torch™

The first Malama Torch™ designed by Don Yuen’s daughter, Leilehua Yuen, she draws on her experience as a hula dancer and lei maker to express the beauty of the lauaʻe, the maile-scented fern.

The electrical version is quite attractive as landscape lighting, set close to the ground amidst plantings of ferns or other foliage.

All Malama Torches™can be set up as either gas or electrical.

Malama Torch (TM) Waʻa
The Waʻa Malama Torch™ evokes the sailing canoes of the Hawaiian Islands.

Waʻa Malama Torch™

Designed by Leilehua at the suggestion of her husband, Manu Josiah, this torch celebrates the voyaging spirit of the sailing canoes and their crews.

Wildlife Safety

All Malama Torches™, except Aka, can be modified to be Honu Safe.

Prices start at $138.00 each.
Add $15 for electrical wiring to accommodate most A series and T9-14 series light bulbs.

To purchase the tabletop version shown, and electrical versions, write As shown, these torches are suitable for candles and lamp oil inserts, including the citronella and colored oils.

To purchase Malama Torches™ for gas-fired installations, visit Beachside Lighting and Design. Please remember, each Malama Torch™ is individually handcrafted, so there are variations, and no two torches are identical. They will look slightly different from the photographs.

For custom designs on torches, contact