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Purchasing ʻOhe Hano Ihu and Pū ʻOhe

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`Ohe hano Ihu

ʻOhe Hano Ihu by Manu Josiah
Handcrafted from invasive bamboo growing in Hawaiʻi, these flutes are beautiful in tone and help the Hawaiian environment.

There is no traditional “standard” way of spacing the stops in an `ohe hano ihu. It is entirely at the discretion of the person making the flute. Due to his experience in having made hundreds of flutes, Manu Josiah’s flutes are known for having an exceptional tone and musical

The bamboo for each flute is carefully selected and dried, then gently heated over an open flame to drive out remaining moisture. During this process, he burns in designs.

ʻOhe Hano Ihu by Manu Josiah
Each flute is signed by the artist.

After the stops have been burned through and the flute tested for sound quality, he then binds each flute with heavy thread or light string. While traditional Hawaiian flutes of old were not wrapped, Manu decided to start wrapping his after a trip to North America during which over 30 ofthe flutes he took for workshops and to sell
cracked due to temperature and humidity changes. He now binds all of his flutes before considering them “pau,” finished. Each of Manu’s flutes is signed.

Flutes by Manu Josiah
Hand crafted ʻohe hano ihu, traditional Hawaiian nose flutes, by Manu Josiah.

3 stop flute – $80
4 stop flute – $90

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Pū ʻŌhe

While the  , the shell trumpet, is more well known, the pū `ohe is used at least as often. Manu Josiah puts the same craftsmanship and attention to detail into his  pū `ohe  as his `ohe hano ihu.  It is blown in exactly the same way as the pu.

Pū ʻOhe
Pū ʻohe crafted by Manu Josiah using invasive species of bamboo.Bamboo trumpet – $100.0

Bamboo trumpet – $100.00



Carrying Bags

Manu’s wife, Leilehua Yuen, makes the carrying bags from 100% cotton fabric. The bags are hand-stamped with `ohe kapala, traditional carved stamps used in decorating kapa, Hawaiian bark cloth.

A small bag will fit the small flutes, a medium bag will fit the medium
flutes, and the large bag will fit the large flutes or the pu `ohe.


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for helping us do useful things with invasive species bamboo.
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Manu Josiah
LeiManu Designs
Hilo, Hawaii

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