Security and Decorative Screens

LeiManu Designs
We think we make the most beautiful security screens around. For security screens, we recommend stainless steel. We also make them in copper for decorative purposes which do not require as much security.

Stainless Steel Door Panel
Kitchen door screen in stainless steel depicts the Hawaiian bananas and sweet potatoes growing just outside. The screen not only provides security, but it keeps the homeowners’ dogs from running through the mosquito mesh screen.
Security Screen for Window
This window looks from a bathroom onto an unattractive workspace which also is a security challenge. The solution was to create a stainless steel screen which incorporates design elements from the foliage around the workspace. The window now can continue to provide airflow while also providing security, privacy, and beauty.
Ka Ua Kani Lehua
Stainless steel security screen depicting “The Rains that Moisten the Lehua Blossoms.” 2’x3′

Our 1’x1′ panels also are popular as decorative pieces. They can be framed and lit, placed in front of windows, used as screens, or worked into walls and room dividers. The designs can also can be re-drawn to accommodate other sizes and shapes. They are sold unframed. E-mail for current pricing.

Bird of Paradise and Moon
Bird of Paradise and Moon in stainless steel.
Maile Moon
Maile vine and moon in stainless steel.
Kalo, the Hawaiian taro plant, in stainless steel.
An apapane sips the nectar of the ʻōhiʻa-lehua.
Heʻe, the octopus.
This species of lauaʻe fern, while not native, has become traditional for certain types of lei.
The waʻa, beloved sailing canoe.
Large waʻa panel is 1″x2″.
The large ʻohe panel is 1″x2″.