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Have you ever fantasized about being a patron of the arts?

Ludovico Sforza
Ludovico Sforza was the patron of Leonardo da Vinci!

Well, now you actually CAN be! AND, for as little as $1 per month!

Francesco Melzi portrait of Leonardo da Vinci
Awesome job, patrons!

That’s right, you can become a genuine patron of the arts for the low, low price of $1 per month. For that price, you will get a mention on our patron’s page! We can just type it in, or if you send us the jpg, we will upload the image of your choice – Your name, a message to a friend, a memorial to a loved one, or even your business card! No profanity, or hurtful messages. But, as a patron of the arts, we know you wouldn’t do that, anyway.