He Ua lā, He Ua! – Tips for helping your electricals through the rainy season

Well, it certainly FEELS like the winter rains are here! It’s a few weeks ahead of what I think of as the start of Makahiki, but it was such a long, hot, dry summer, it’s certainly nice to have Lono resounding through the skies—without a makani pāhili!

He Ua Lā, He Ua

He ua lā, he ua
He ua pi‘i mai;
Noenoe hālau,
Hālau loa o Lono.
Ō lono ‘oe
Pā ‘ā‘ā nā pali
I ka hana a ‘Ikuā
Pohā kō‘ele‘ele.
A Welehu ka malama,
Noho i Makali‘i
Li‘ili‘i ka hana.

Iʻm predicting a long, wet winter!

So, between the rains and the winds, our local electrical systems take a real beating. Mildew grows in the seals and contacts, water seeps in, condensation can occur inside componants. Outdoor fixtures can fill with water and short.

Take some time to go check all your outdoor fixtures. Clean and repair any damaged seals and gaskets. Refrigerators and freezers also have a hard time in this humidity. The seals can get mildewed and start leaking air. Clean them thoroughly.

Utilities have a hard time, with the constant humidity affecting connectors. Even without wind, you may experience flickering power.

If this happens, turn off all unnecessary electricals to reduce draw on the grid. You may also want to turn off the freezer and refrigerator until the power stabilizes. Low and fluctuating power can damage motors, and power surges can damage microprocessors—which most appliances from washing machines to microwave ovens seem to have these days.

Once the power is stable, turn things back on one at a time.