Lighting Trends for 2017 – Florals!

LeiManu Designs

Pua Malama Torch (TM)
The original Malama Torch design (TM)

At LeiManu Designs, we’re all about staying power, not trends. We’ve been making lighting since 1967 – that’s long enough for the great grandson of the founder to be making college plans.

But if you are around long enough, and if what you are doing is quality, eventually, the tends will catch up to YOU!

What we are hearing is that lighting trends for 2017 involve flowers, artisanal—wait, I think of that word as relating to cheeses and beers—let’s say “fine handcrafted metalwork,” interesting shapes, organics paired with metals, mixed metal textures and shades—with a lot of gold, and bold pops of color.

Cheesecake Factory
The modified Pua Malama Torch (TM) welcomes diners to the Cheesecake Factory in Waikīkī.

Back to the future! The original Malama Torch (TM) designed in 1967 by Don Yuen is the Pua, still a strong seller, and still proudly lighting the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. (If you are going to go retro, rock an original!)

Mahalo, Maria Killiam. Yes, we at LeiManu Designs certainly approve of flowers in lighting decor! Many of our fixtures are inspired by the flowers of Hawaiʻi nei. The basic Pua design can be modified in a number of ways, from a shorter form with the flowers extending above the rim to electric pendant lights, to table-top and torchiere floor lamps. And, of course, we are always happy to work with clients to create unique custom designs.

Malama Torch (TM) - Lauaʻe
The lauaʻe, maile-scented fern, is featured on this Malama Torch (TM).

Style Spotter Marie Flanigan agrees that organic colors and mixed metals are strong, predicting that brass and gold will remain, and that polished nickle and silver are coming back.

That means the stainless steel Malama Torch (TM) designs are right there with temper colors of silver, bronze, and gold.

According to MamaMia, bright but warm metals paired with organics like terra cotta and natural woods, with swaths of matte white are on-trend, and those earlier-mentioned pops of color are showing up in jewel-toned green couches. But, soft greens and yellows paired with deep earth tones are also on the 2017 palette And, as far as furniture goes, retro styling is in. I guess my 1950s big green sofa is right on point!

The Big Green Sofa
My Nana’s mid-century Big Green Sofa (came back into fashion a few years ago), and her terracotta floor are on point for 2017!